About Us

Spice bebé was founded by Jasmine Takizawa in 2018.  Jasmine is an artist by nature; she is blessed with a unique aesthetic sense, which lead her to start designing these beautiful and exquisite “Spice bebé-ya” purses.

Jasmine hand-picks luxury and vintage Obi materials from all over Japan.  She “talks” to each obi she has chosen and selects the material to be used and determines how best to use it.

The fabric of one Obi can usually be used only on one or two purses.  Therefore, each purse is completely unique.

Highly respected craftsmen in Tokyo carefully construct each purse, utilizing a sewing technique specially developed to allow these unique fabrics to be used for purse fashion.

With Jasmine’s inspiration combined with the efforts of highly skilled craftsmen, whose talents have been passed down for centuries, precious Japanese traditional Obi are transformed into luxurious, stylish, carry-able fashion art.

A colorful and distinctive collection of one-and-only Spice bebé-ya purses is an expression of Jasmine's hope for a peaceful world by accepting and promoting diversity.

*Spice bebé-ya proudly annouces that we will be donating 5% of our profit from our online shop, spicebebe-ya.tokyo to The Born This Way Foundation.